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Laminate Countertops

We offer two lines of laminate of countertops; Formica® & Wilsonart®. Both are equal when it comes to quality of materials and price. The difference is they offer different colors making more choices for you. Our supplier offers many of the colors of these two companies; however they do not offer all colors. We have sample chains to show you all of the different colors we offer.

The primary benefit of Laminate tops over other countertops is simple: You get a good quality product at a reasonable price compared to other countertops. It is easy to keep clean and offers a hard, impact resistant finish. One of the downsides is it can not be repaired if scratches or damaged. The seams will show some, and if located to close to a sink they can become unsightly if water is allowed to soak into the seam. You should never sit a hot pan on your Countertops, always use a cutting board and never use abrasive cleaners, sandpaper or scouring pads to clean your laminate countertops, and keep excessive moisture away from seams.

We do change out old Laminate countertops. We can usually change out laminate tops in as little as two weeks depending on our work load. So give us a call today and spruce up your kitchen with new countertops.

Please check the pages of our supplier to view the different edge options with laminate countertops.


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